Assist in the implementation of procedures for how to handle registered trademarks

1. Brief description

The People's Court adopted the preservation of the trademark, divestitures or other matters and Trademark Office to assist in the implementation of needed, assist in the implementation of the notice should be served on the Trademark Office.

2. Procedures

1 C ourt executive bring about the book a direct to the trademark office

2 The People's Court of the relevant documents to be mailed to the Trademark Office

3. Law book a preparation (logo registration process)

1 A ccording to the relevant judicial interpretations of the supreme people's court, the people's court for the trademark office of trademark take preservation, forced transfer or other trademark matters need assistance in execution, should submit the following book thing:

(1) Notice for assistance in execution

(2) Including but not limited to civil verdict, civil judgment, etc.

(3) The court a letter of the investigators.

(4) Investigators certificate.

2 S pecific requirements

(1) All the documents shall write neatly and clearly, with the pen, sign pen to fill in or to print using a typewriter.

(2) N otice for assistance in execution shall include the name, brand name, registration number/application number, the assistance in execution time and the content of the assistance in execution, including a ban on transfer trademark, alteration, cancellation registration of a trademark matters registered trademark and deal with the exclusive use of a trademark registration of pledge, for the license contracts for the record, etc.

4. The matters needing attention

1 E xecution name should be and we file record name registrant consistent, inconsistent should be in the notice for assistance in execution "or other legal document shall indicate on;

2 T rademarks should be effective a registered trademark or trademark application;

3 N o court has prior to trademark involved made to auction or sell off the disposal etc, or because of execution into bankruptcy proceedings inform our trademark has been involved in the bankruptcy property.

4 T he people's court has seized trademark may request queuing seizure registration, to have set the trademark pledge can please we assist attachment;

5 I f need to trademark to continue to adopt the preservative measures, the people's court shall, in at the expiry of the preservation period prior to the trademark office to issue a notice for assistance in execution, want to continue preservation. Otherwise, it is deemed to automatically lift this property preservation trademark.

6 To assist in the implementation of the procedures in place, the Trademark Office to sign the delivery receipt card.

5. S pecial statement

a Above content is not the state administration for industry and commerce or the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office official outgoing mail, therefore, all of the content is guidance, not legally binding upon both parties.

b The above content was revised in March 2010 If you later change or inconsistency in handling with the reception staff requirements should be based on the requirements of the reception staff.

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