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How to Maintain Your Brand - Trademark Registration, Litigation, and Renewal

We all know the importance of trademark, is kind of logo, design, symbol, image with small text or combination of these elements. In the corporate sector trademark is one of the distinctive sign used to distinguish various similar products and services offered by the different companies. In domestic as well as international level, these trademarks are generally used to promote different goods and services. trademark registration , tm name registration, trademark logo registration is one of the process of following rules and regulations in order to register the unique logo or symbol for a particular company. In corporate market it is very important to get unique trademark in order to maintain brand name and goodwill in the international market. Different countries comprise the different rules and regulations for trademark registration. In developing countries like India, you will find various types of ipr law firms that offer complete solution to corporate rules and regulations for all types of business houses. While registration of a particular trademark, one has to mention a types of trademark whether is to be sign, symbol, logo or combination of these different elements. Along with this one has to mention company name, addresses of business houses and its branches, nature of business and lots more. A trademark is usually registered for the period of 15 years that must be stated for renewal before the period of expiry. Trademark renewal involves few steps including registration number of the trademark creature renewed, name and address of the payer and finally the sum paid. These three steps will bring you with the trademark registration. The violation or disregard the act of trademark registration up grows the situation of trademark litigation. In this competitive market, trademark litigation is among the common fraud done by the most of the business houses. Trademark litigation is the process of claiming a dispute that arises on the distinctive configuration of a trademark that has been infringed. Sometimes it also takes a situation of trademark infringement that arise a situation of violation of trademark registration act without taking a permission of trademark owner. To come over with these problems, every country follows the rule of trademark registration that protects one’s trademark from being exploited. Under this scenario, trademark prosecution plays an important role where you have to submit an application of trademark registration along with three copies of TM-1, statutory fees and five copies of additional representation. After six to seven months from the submitting of a trademark application an examination report is provided by the trademark registry in favor of particular business house. This application needs to be submitted before the mentioned date to the office of trademark registration. Before involving in these processes it is suggested to get in touch with reputed and well known ipr law firm in order to accompanied all types of ipr law services. As this is one of the powerful tools of the corporate market that needs to be protected from being copied or misuse. Therefore, be follow with all the rules and regulations in order to get your trademark protectd

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